We Think Green

At NMS, we embrace the reduce, reuse, and recycle mentality in our office setting as well as with our customers, and we incorporate environmentally-smart options into the services we offer.

  • Recently, we retrofitted our 40,000 square foot building with energy-efficient lights and fixtures.
  • We also instituted a new packaging recycle program. 
We keep old boxes and reuse them for shipping until the box is at a point where the integrity of the contents could be compromised. Once the box can no longer be used for shipping, it is shredded to be used later for packing boxes for future shipments.
  • In addition, we encourage our customers to use recycled packaging whenever possible and only offer recycled packing material.
  • All of our boxes contain a minimum of 30% recycled material, some as high as 70%.
  • Over 12 years ago, we made the commitment to recycle whatever we could by purchasing a large compactor to handle our paper and box recyclables.
  • We recycle or donate for reuse all obsolete inventory and supplies.
  • We always keep thermostats at energy efficient settings.
  • We keep lights off in areas not in use. In addition, we have a company policy to recycle bottles, cans, plastic, paper and cardboard.

The net result is smarter business and a smaller carbon footprint.